How to Play

Find a picture you want to paint.

Google images

...or whatever picture you'd like.  I usually choose animation backgrounds b/c I'm a storyboard artist and it helps me with perspective & staging, but a lot of people choose pictures from nature, which are good for rendering & color.

Here's a video of me speedpainting a Samurai Jack background at 4 am this morning, which is why I sound like toast.  It's pretty straightforward though so don't mind me if I bungle :)


Post it on this hare blog, along with the original picture.

 yay  ☺☼ 


-You can paint in any medium
-30 minutes to paint (not including prep time)
-No colorpicking
-Post both your picture and the original
-Try to stay active--1 speedpaint a day is a good goal.  4 a week is my average.  Months without posting & you let Mrs. Eisenhower & the American people down.
-Keep it super clean. (Sad I have to say that, but I do.) Anything inappropriate will be taken off.  Our moms visit this site, y'know.

Want to join?  Email me (Heather) at