Sunday, June 17, 2012



Hey guys :)  I think it's about time for a challenge!

CHALLENGE:  Record your speedpaint, and post it here this week.

It's actually not too hard.  I made the below video using a trial version of Camtasia, which you can download here (they let you have a free 30-day trial).  Once that's downloaded and installed, you can record yourself painting.

When you're finished recording, what you've recorded pops up, and you can save it.  You'll want to import it into the camtasia editor, and "clip length" a much shorter length--I made it about 900% quicker, which made it less than 4 minutes.

Then you can unlink the audio from the video, delete the audio, then produce.  It should automatically render it as an .mp4.

(The recording above does have glitches; I expect if you play around with Camtasia more than I have you'll be able to get something pristine.)

Looking forward to what everyone comes up with!


Louis-Philippe St-Laurent said...

You know what? This is actually a GREAT idea!
Challenge accepted!!


Debra said...
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Debra said...

It's cool that you shortened it, but you still uploaded a 35 minute video. 30 minutes of black screen. It makes me smile.

See?-------> :D

PIBBY said...

I will take this challenge

Heather Dixon said...

@ Debra - :D I smile too. I couldn't figure out how to get Camtasia to cut to the right length. However I imported & trimmed it in Quicktime after, and that seemed to work ok.